I scream you scream everybody scream for ice-cream.
This little project was the first thing I made once I finally got my hands on RF2014 earlier this summer. Just to test out the new hy-viscosity solver. Good fun!

So Luis M is at it again with some awesome Realflow 2014-teasing. Once again it’s all about Hybridos new viscosity feature. Can’t you just watch this over and over!?

Here’s another fire I made recently, it’s smaller than the one with the fueltrucks, and more of an attempt to get those licking flames…

I’ve been playing around with maya fluids lately. Here’s one of my first attempt at taking the scale up a notch. The trailers are just there for scale and establishing some sort of scene, no destruction in this one. Not super happy about it but if I find the time I might try and get some more detail out of it.

The other day I yapped about the upcoming RF2014 release, and now it’s time to get on the hype train again!

This time it’s Autodesk showing us what they’ve been working on with maya 2015. AD hasn’t been anyone’s favourite software company lately after announcing the upcoming discontinuation of Softimage, but maybe teasing the new Bifrost and skinning workflows among others will earn them a nod from atleast a few maya users.

Bifrost is for me the most exciting stuff, building upon the acquisition of Naiad yesteryear, I really want to get my hands on it and test it for myself but it looks pretty powerful in the videos, so just head on over and see for yourself!


So it seems like yesterday I was praising the arrival of RF2013 and now Realflow 2014 is just around the corner, guess I should have figured that one out considering the name but anyway… One of the most awesome news is viscosity for hybrido, This means simulating thick fluids without having to crank your substeps per frame up into the thousands. One example is in the video above.

But I strongly suggest you check out several other awesome high viscosity videos at LuisM’s realflow-blog. Especially the jelly donut which is reaaally thick, and the poor guy who falls in the water by the mudbank, mixing viscosities look awesome!


Creating with friends is fun! That’s why I helped my good buddy Freddy out with some liquid and smoke simulations for this little animation bit that he created. Enjoy!

Also if you’re ever in need of a character animator, give Fredrik a shout! You can find contact details and more animations at www.bluberry.se

Golden Bunny from David Enbom on Vimeo.

Help! I wanted to have some fun with stuff I learned on recent projects, a gold shader and caustics in mental ray, but as I started lighting the scene, the good ol’ Stanford Bunny started to melt! Anyone know how to avoid this? Too high photon intensity?

Made with Realflow, Maya MR

Here’s the reason I haven’t been very active here lately. The 3d facade-projection I created with director Jesper Wachtmeister. Additional animation by Fredrik Olsson and sounddesign by Jakob Myrman.


Here’s a tip many of you may know, but it’s something that’s been a huge help for me so if it can help someone out there it’s worth a shot for me to blog about it.

I like to be able to keep multiple instances of maya or any other app, but the default behaviour in Mac OS X prevents that. You can’t just open another app in the applications-folder or by somehow clicking the icon in the dock - it just brings back focus on the single instance of your app that’s currently running. So here’s how to get around this.

First of all. Bring up the terminal, now if you’re not a tech-savvy user don’t get intimidated, this is going to be pretty straight forward. Bring the terminal up by either using spotlight, or by launching it from the utilities-folder (shortcut cmd+shift+u).


The command you want to use is open -n followed by the searchpath to your application.


If you’re not into typing searchpaths in the terminal, you can just type open -n and then drag-drop your app from the applications-folder into the terminal-folder, finder will then complete the command with the searchpath to your folder.


Now just hit enter and voila, multitasking for real!